Two-Faced Confession

Two-Faced Confession

Full but so empty; so confused with all I know

Convinced of Your love and plans, yet so unsure if it really matters that I am

Everything is so clear that I can’t even see

My heart, brimming with love as I despise everyone around me

Come into this Church that I hate and meet the groom of the hideous, breath-taking bride

Drowning in grace while suffocating in my sin. Clinging to faith, and searching for peace

Confident of my rights to lay them down… I am so right about being wrong

Clearly out of focus

When You have never been louder, speak so that I can hear

Stuck moving forward. A heart of stone layered between bruised flesh

Break down the walls to protect the vulnerable

Why? I need no answers because I know who You are. Have I met you before?

So tired of bursting with exuberance. Is this over? I can’t wait to start!

The mirror shows competence, but I have no idea what I am doing. Scared to be uncovered, to see what I already know is there


A paradox

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